A former federal Conservative candidate in British Columbia who was kicked out of the party for homophobic remarks says she’s now “running independently,” even though her campaign still appeared to be using the Conservative Party logo this week.

Heather Leung, who was running for the Conservatives in Burnaby North-Seymour, was removed from the party last week after past videos of her calling LGBTQ people “perverted” and suggesting that LGBTQ people “recruit” children re-emerged online.

The Conservatives said at the time that there is “no tolerance in the Conservative Party for those types of offensive comments.” But because of Elections Canada deadlines, Leung will still be listed on the ballot as a Conservative candidate.

Three days after the party dropped Leung, Amita Kuttner, the Green Party candidate in the riding, tweeted that Leung is still using campaign signs with the official Conservative logo.

“Are you really okay with this?” she asked Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer in the tweet. “Please remind voters that a vote for Heather Leung is not a vote for the Conservative Party.”

In an email, Conservative Party spokesperson Simon Jefferies said Leung “has been told she cannot use our party’s name or logo or represent herself as the Conservative candidate.”

In an email to CTVNews.ca on Wednesday, a representative from Leung’s campaign said they would not be taking down the signs.

“She is listed as Conservative on the ballot,” the statement reads. “The signs show what the voters will see when they make a choice.”

In a press release posted to her website Monday, Leung said she is “running independently” even though her name will appear on the ballot next to the Conservative Party.

“I want everyone to know that you can still vote for me by putting a check-mark by Heather Leung on the ballot even though Conservative appears by my name,” she wrote.

Elections Canada spokesperson Andrea Marantz told CTV News Vancouver that Leung will appear on the ballot as a representative for the Conservatives because the deadline for election nominations was last Monday and no one can be added or dropped from a party after the deadline.

"It's an unusual situation," she said.