OTTAWA – With the kickoff of the 2019 federal election campaign, the buses and planes that will transport the party leaders, their staff and the media covering them across the country have been revealed.

Wednesday at Rideau Hall, where Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau announced the election call, reporters got a look at the party's bus.

The bus is largely wrapped in a Liberal red, with maple leaves and the party's "Choose Forward" slogan. On one side it features a photo of Trudeau and a young girl, and it's framed by two white chevrons – giving it an arrow look.

After leaving the Governor General's residence, Trudeau took off for an evening rally in Vancouver aboard the commercial Boeing 737-800 jet they've chartered from Air Transat.

The white plane has "Trudeau" written in big red letters and the main campaign website URL in smaller black font below it. The tail is red with the party's logo and "Liberal" on the engine.

However, that election-branded plane was temporarily replaced with an unwrapped Air Transat plane Thursday after being damaged when a media bus drove under the wing after landing in Victoria Wednesday night. Although noticeable scratches were left on the aircraft, it’s unclear what kind of damage was done to the plane, or when it would be back in operation.

The Conservatives and Leader Andrew Scheer began the first day of the campaign at the Ottawa airport. There, those following Scheer for the first days of the election hopped aboard the commercial Airbus A319 jet the party has chartered from Air Canada.

It’s mostly white, with "Scheer 2019" in big letters along the fuselage. The tail is Conservative blue and features the party's slogan: "It's time for you to get ahead."

Then, the delegation with the Conservatives boarded a completely blue bus – other than “2019” in red, and a headshot of Scheer. In blue, there are a blend of images including a mix of the party slogan, logo, and an image of Scheer sitting with seemingly everyday people.

Meanwhile, the NDP are beginning the campaign aboard their bus. Leader Jagmeet Singh disembarked from it on the way to his first official campaign event. Fully wrapped in a blend of party orange, grey and yellow, it also features a few different shots of Singh. One on the back of the bus shows him from behind with his fists in the air, and his name and the party logo. Another features Singh smiling while looking at a baby.

The NDP will also be chartering a plane for some legs of their campaign, but it has not been unveiled yet.

The Green Party said they will not charter a campaign plane and will rely on commercial flights. The campaign will also only have a campaign bus if they can find an electric one.

"It may have to be a fleet of electric cars," said party spokesperson Rosie Emery in an email.

With files from CTV News Toronto