Internet searches usually reserved for “How to solve a Rubik’s Cube” and “How to cook a turkey” were overtaken in Canada in recent weeks by confusion about voting, according to Google data.

How to vote” was the top search on Google across the country over the past 90 days, the site confirmed with

“And over the past 24 hours, ‘How to Vote’ searches have surged across Canada, with Alberta, Ontario and Nunavut leading search activity on Google,” said spokesperson Aaron Brindle in an email. The same thing happens in America at election time, he added. “We see similar interest in the U.S. around civic engagement queries.”

Despite Elections Canada initiatives to broaden its reach online by cutting its print budget and more than doubling its spending on digital advertising, a variety of related voting queries have popped up in searches, including, how to vote “without voter card” and “how many piece of ID to vote.”

While interest in “how to vote” was similar in 2015, one discrepancy between elections was in advanced voting searches, said Brindle. While, statistically, there is “almost identical interest nationally,” the western provinces searched the most about advanced polling this year. In 2015, Quebec was the top searcher on that topic.

Most of these searches yield specialized results at the top of the Google search page pulled directly from answering everything from where to vote and how members of the Canadian forces can vote.