TORONTO - Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will arrive at campaign stops in a more muted style Thursday, after his election-branded plane was damaged.

An unwrapped Air Transat plane will temporarily replace the aircraft emblazoned with Trudeau’s name and his 2019 campaign slogan “Choose Forward.” The original plane was damaged Wednesday night when a media bus drove under the wing.

A loud scraping sound could be heard as the bus, which was parked on the tarmac, came into contact with the plane.

The plane, which had just touched down in Victoria, was carrying Trudeau, his team, and several journalists travelling with the campaign on day one of the election race.

Although noticeable scratches were left on the aircraft, it’s unclear what kind of damage was done to the plane, or when it would be back in operation.

Trudeau is scheduled to make campaign stops in Kamloops, Edmonton, and Trois Rivieres Thursday. Campaign officials said the incident will not impact Trudeau’s schedule.

- With files from the Canadian Press