TORONTO -- Police tackled a protester who approached Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau at the Montreal climate strike on Friday afternoon.

The protester appeared to have about half a dozen eggs with them, but it’s unclear whether they threw any of them at anyone, CTV’s Glen McGregor reported from the scene.

Video footage shows Trudeau, who attended the climate strike with his wife and children, marching in the large crowd and waving at people. At one point Trudeau seems to reach out to someone in the crowd. About a second later his security detail jumped on a person and brought them to the ground.

It wasn’t clear in the live footage from the scene what exactly prompted the tackle. The person was subsequently arrested.

Before he joined the march in the streets, Trudeau was confronted by a protester at a rally as he spoke to the crowd. The protester yelled and called Trudeau a “climate criminal” before he was pulled away by the RCMP.

“Thank you for being here sir…thank you for your passion,” Trudeau spoke over the protester. Trudeau then addressed the crowd, saying: “Remember, we’re going to be out there today with people who are protesting for the climate and it comes from a good place.”

Nearly 300,000 people were expected to attend the climate strike in Montreal, one of many being held across Canada in support of the Global Climate Strike movement. Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg kicked off the protest in Montreal on Friday.