TORONTO – Polls have officially opened for the 2019 federal election, as Canadians across the country cast ballots in a vote to determine who will form the next government.

Throughout the “divisive” campaigns, debates, social events and rallies the Liberal Party and Conservative Party have been in a tight race for a majority -- but some analysts say Canada is heading toward a minority government situation, or even a hung parliament.

Here is a snapshot of some of the polls across Canada:

Some voters were turned away at an Ottawa-centre poll due to staff shortage, and another poll station could not open because the deputy returning officer had not shown up.

A Surrey, B.C. poll station remained open in a local community centre after a fire broke out at a nearby gas station, with Elections Canada staff directing traffic to the poll using alternate routes.

Elections Canada has opened a “mega-polling” station in Winnipeg to accommodate the thousands of voters who had to evacuate the area during the Thanksgiving storm.

A "glitch" in the system caused some polling stations in Montreal to open late, Elections Canada said, causing frustration for some voters.

Many voters at a Calgary voting station felt ignored by the election 2019 campaign, and felt that Trudeau's last minute rally on Saturday was not enough. 

In Toronto, a power outage forced voters to cast their ballots in the dark. Elections Canada said polling stations affected by the earlier power outage in Toronto-Danforth riding 219 will not have extended voting time and will close at 9:30 p.m. ET.

In Edmonton, voters in one riding were redirected to a new polling station after mould was discovered in the school's gymnasium floor.

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