TORONTO -- For the briefest of moments, the federal election campaign took a break from politics to consider a far less divisive topic: Justin Trudeau’s eyebrows.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau consoled a crying baby at a campaign stop on Tuesday, reassuring the child that they too could have eyebrows like his one day.

The peculiar exchange happened while Trudeau, who sports a pair of particularly thick, dark eyebrows, was meeting one-on-one with supporters in New Brunswick.

“You’re just jealous of my eyebrows, aren’t you?” Trudeau asked the crying baby, held in a woman’s arms, as he rubbed the child’s back.

“You’ll get eyebrows one day. You’ll get eyebrows one day, I promise. I know, I know. You will.”

At one point, the Liberal leader locked eyes with the baby and wiggled his brows.

“You’ll get very nice eyebrows one day, yeah, just like mine.”

As if on cue, Twitter users responded to the lighthearted comment in polarizing fashion. Some suggested that the Liberal leader was “losing it” while others expressed their own jealousy of Trudeau’s shapely brows.

“So confusing to me that people are all over Trudeau for the baby eyebrows comment…I mean if you could hear what I say to my cat. It wasn’t offensive or creepy, lighten up,” one user tweeted.

Another wrote: “I too am very jealous of Trudeau’s eyebrows.”

NDP MP Nathan Cullen, who is not seeking re-election, called the comment “odd" and "awkward” but said he understood where the baby was coming from.

“I’m jealous of those eyebrows but I don’t cry about it. I mean they’re luscious and full – who wouldn’t feel sad?” Cullen tweeted.