TORONTO -- Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was forced to clarify details of his resume Monday after allegations that he falsely claimed to have worked as an insurance broker in Saskatchewan prior to his political career.

The Liberals have called on Saskatchewan’s insurance industry watchdog to investigate whether Scheer is in violation of the province’s Insurance Act, which deems it illegal for anyone without a licence to act as a broker or "hold himself out" to be a broker.

However, upon clarifying his work history, it remains unclear whether or not Scheer is in violation of the act.

The claim

Scheer’s biography on the Conservative Party’s website notes that before becoming a politician he "worked in the private sector as an insurance broker."

But over the weekend, the Globe and Mail reported that it could find no evidence that Scheer ever received the accreditation necessary to practice as an insurance broker in the Saskatchewan.


On Monday, Scheer was asked about the claims put forward by the Globe and Mail report, which were quickly echoed by the Liberals. Speaking to reporters, he said he worked in an insurance office for “six or seven months” in 2003, when he was 24 years old.

He said that he did receive his accreditation under the Canadian credit insurance broker program, but noted that he “left the insurance office before the licensing process was finalized.”

“As I said I received my accreditation under the Canadian credit insurance broker program,” Scheer said, “And in this particular office the licensed brokers finalized all the transactions.”

According to the Saskatchewan Insurance Act, “no person shall hold himself out as an agent or as a salesman of an agent unless he is the holder of a subsisting licence under this act," noting "every person who contravenes any provision of this act is guilty of an offence."

Liberal MP Marco Mendicino has since sent a letter to Saskatchewan's superintendent of insurance and the chair of the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan, which regulates the insurance industry, asking that Scheer be investigated.

In a statement issued Monday, the Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan (IBAS) confirmed that Scheer completed one of four courses required to obtain an insurance broker’s license.

“IBAS can confirm… Mr. Scheer did complete an accredited course with IBAS that would form part of the eligibility requirements for licensing,” read the statement issued to CTV News via email.

The IBAS declined to comment further, noting that a formal complaint had been launched to the General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan.

- With a file from the Canadian Press

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