TORONTO -- Photos and video showing Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in brownface and blackface have dominated talk in Canadian political circles since they started coming to light Wednesday evening.

Here is a roundup of what non-Liberal politicians from across the country and across the political spectrum have said about the racist images.

“He’s continuing to show Canadians that he’s not fit to govern this country, that he’s not willing to hold himself to the standards that he’s asked others to hold themselves to, and that he’s not willing to tell the truth to Canadians.” – Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, speaking to reporters Thursday morning

“This is a really hurtful thing for a lot of Canadians who are going to think about all the incidents in their lives where they were insulted or mocked or hurt physically because of racism. In a country where people felt maybe a little bit safe, where this is a country where multiculturalism is celebrated, now seeing the prime minister do this makes a lot of people question his sincerity, but also question their place.” – NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, in an interview on CTV’s Your Morning Thursday morning

“I was deeply shocked. When I looked at the photo, I felt physically ill. I think it’s important for Justin Trudeau to acknowledge that this was horrifically wrong and racist. He says he didn’t know at the time it was racist but now he does – I think he’ll have to demonstrate, by conduct, that he’ll hold himself to a standard that makes it clear we have to model complete adherence to the highest level of commitment to social justice, to condemning racism and hate.” – Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, speaking to reporters Wednesday night

“Justin Trudeau has all the faults in the world. He is certainly not a good prime minister. He may not even qualify for the term ‘competent.’ But Justin Trudeau is not a racist.” – Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet, on Twitter, translated


"I'm not going to accuse (Justin Trudeau) of being a racist. But he's the master of identity politics and the Libs just spent months accusing everyone of being white supremacists. He definitely is the biggest hypocrite in the country." – People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier, on Twitter

"I'm incredibly proud to be an Indigenous person in this country, one that has experienced racism and discrimination – and it's completely unacceptable for anybody in a position of authority and power to do something like that.'' – Jody Wilson-Raybould, independent candidate for Vancouver—Granville and former Liberal MP, speaking to reporters Wednesday night

“The privilege continues. There is no excuse for this. Apology is a first step. You should be aware of the history of blackface and racism in this country and others. Apparently #diversityisourstrength? Deeply disappointed.” – Celina Caesar-Chavannes, independent and former Liberal MP for Whitby, on Twitter

With files from The Canadian Press