TORONTO -- The leaders of the six major federal parties went head-to-head in a fiery debate Monday night in a room full of undecided voters. It was a chance for the leaders to convey their plans to Canadians, win over new votes, and, of course, throw in a zinger or two towards an opponent.

Catch up on who said what to whom with’s roundup of the most noteworthy digs of the debate.

1. In response to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s “non-response” to the first question from an audience member about the values of Canadians on the world stage, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May quipped: “I’d like to answer the question, in contrast to what we just heard.”

2. On the subject of climate change, Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet told the People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier: “Somebody invoking the truth shouldn’t be somebody denying climate change.”Bernier attempted to interject to say, “I don’t deny climate change.” (In an interview with CTV Question Period on Sept. 15, Bernier disputed the science behind climate change, saying “there is no climate change emergency in this country").

3. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau took a double-shot at Bernier and Scheer on the subject of immigration, diversity and being a “proud Canadian.” Trudeau said: “Mr. Bernier, your role on this stage is to say publicly what Mr. Scheer thinks privately.” 

4. Blanchet got the final say at the end of a lengthy sparring match he had with Scheer over building pipelines through Quebec. After Scheer repeatedly said that he had “made his choice” about where Quebec should buy its energy from, the Bloc leader retorted: “You have done and Quebec will make his.”

5. When Bernier confronted NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh about not wanting to share the same stage because they disagree about immigration, Singh fired back: “After a couple of minutes of this debate tonight, I think people can clearly see why I didn’t think you should deserve a platform.”

6. In a Scheer-versus-Trudeau exchange about climate change in which they spoke over each other, Singh looked at the camera and said: “I want to say this directly to Canadians: you do not need to choose between Mr. Delay and Mr. Deny. There is another option.”

7. In response to constantly bringing up Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Scheer quipped to Trudeau: “Mr. Trudeau, you seem oddly obsessed with provincial politics. There is a vacancy for the Ontario Liberal leadership and if you are so focused on provincial politics, go and run for the leadership of that party.”

8. As Trudeau and Scheer went back-and-forth about abortion rights, Singh interjected to say: “A man has no place in a discussion on a woman’s right to choose.” And May shot back right: “How about a woman’s right to speak?! It’s been really interesting for most of this campaign to hear a lot of men arguing about what a woman’s right should be.” She pointed out how she was left out of the French-language debate on Oct. 2, which failed to give the opportunity for “little girls to see a woman could be the next prime minister.”

9. In what could be the hardest hit of the debate, May concluded: “Mr. Scheer, with all due respect, you’re not going to be prime minister.” Scheer said he’d prove her wrong and she quipped back: “I’ll take bets on it right now!”